Weekly Update 9-20-16 to 9-26-16

I started this week by playing with some inductive charging stuff. I got a couple different pre-made inductive charging sets and took them out for a spin. This first set was a sketchy pair of coils with no schematic online. It worked well and had pretty good tolerances for both distance between coils and off set between the center of the coils. The second set I played with used the Qi standard. These coils had a lot less tolerance for being misaligned, but they were different sizes. They also have more documentation online which is helpful. Overall right now the inductive charging looks promising and I will continue to work to integrate it into the existing sharkduino.

I also worked on figuring out why the LiPo charging circuity on the existing sharkduino does not work. After poking around it for a while with the multimeter and looking at the schematic I realized I have been putting the LEDs on backwards. This is sort of an amateur error, but in my defense polarized surface mount components are hard. What’s important is that I know how to avoid it in the future, and I will assemble new layer 2 boards soon with the LEDs on properly. Fingers crossed that it will work.

Finally the rest of my week into PCB design. I finished up the PCB for the RTC I talked about last week, and sent it off to be made. I am trying a kind of risky routing on it so hopefully it will work. I also spent a lot of time working on making a board that will turn into Sharkduino v2. It features an all new form factor, the new RTC, and is smaller than the previous version. It’s not quite done now but it is close. Unfortunately I can not order it to test it out for quite a while. I have to get the new RTC boards in and test them before I can send these boards out to be made, this is because I want to find out if the RTC works before buying more stuff using it. The reason I went ahead and designed this new board with the RTC now is first I’m pretty confident in the RTC, and second is that I was sick for the latter part of the week and PCB design is really good to do while sick. It requires you to think a little, but not to much, and it takes a lot of time so you can just curl up and go for it while you can’t get out of bed.