Weekly Update 9-27-16 to 10-3-16

Sorry that this week’s post is a little late, I was busy.

I began the week by setting up and testing the adafruit Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) breakout board. It was fairly easy to get up and running. I was able to get it to work and stream sensor data in real time from my phone to an arduino. I feel pretty good that I can get BLE working and use it to do what we need.

Next I tried to get the adafruit NFC board to work. This was not nearly as easy or straightforward as the BLE. I spent a few hours fighting with the board and the code to try to get it work. I ended up giving up on using SPI on it and was going to try again later with I2C. However I never did this because in the meantime we had a meeting and it was decided that we would use Bluetooth in the sharkduino because it is more commonly used and has more support. I may go back and play with the NFC more some other time just so it has not bested me, but it will not be used in the project.

I also did more work with the inductive charging. I connected one of the coils to a LiPo charger and battery and successfully charged a battery wirelessly. I now need to look into how I want to embed this technology into the project.

Finally I got in a big shipment of uSD readers. I got a bunch of different ones with different types of holders for the cards. The readers are cheap enough that it seemed easier to physically buy a bunch to look at then try to figure out which holder is the best just from the data sheets. I think that I’m going to go with a push pull reader for the Shakrduino, now I just need to decided which one I want and make a test board for it.