Weekly Update 10-19-16 to 10-25-16

This whole week was spent inside of eagle. I started by making a breakout board for the new lower power gyro. This took a long time, since this gyro is not offered by one of the big hobbyist sights I had to create the eagle part from scratch and design the circuit myself. Luckily the the data sheet has a suggested circuit in it that I was able to use with a few small tweaks. The data sheet schematic does have a few weird things in it though. For one it has one pin connected to a 01.uF capacitor, and another pin in the same design connected to a 100nF capacitor. These two values are of course the same, and it’s weird to write the same number two different ways in the same document like that.

In addition to creating the gyro board I also began work on an evaluation board for the microSD card slots we’re considering. We have gotten down to 3 slots and I am going to build a board with all 3 on it and then chose the one I like the best.

I will probably order these boards later this week and I’ll make sure to give updates when they come in.