Weekly Update 10-26-16 to 11-1-16

I began the week by ordering the PCBs for the new gyroscope and test boards for the uSD slots. Those will probably come in the next week or two, so I pick that development back up then.

In the meantime I have been working on creating a sharkduino for software testing. The different models of sharkduino have slightly different sensor packages right now, and no model has the temperature and pressure sensor integrated in. This is sort of a problem for the software development because we want to make sure everything works well and plays nice with everything else. To solve this problem I spent the week putting together a sharkduino on the breadboard so that we can easily switch out sensors and quickly keep it up to date with the newest breakout boards. While the point of the breadboard is to allow for fast prototyping it did take awhile to get the breadboard sharkduino put together because I had to do a lot of surface mount to get more breakout boards to attach to it. I had to assemble a gyro and RTC breakout board. Then I had to lay everything out on the breadboard and test everything. A picture of the breadboard sharkduino can be seen here. All of the purple PCBs were designed and assembled by me.

Breadboard Sharkduino

Breadboard Sharkduino

Once I had the breadboard sharkduino assembled I began to write code to transfer data off the SD card and sent it to a computer via bluetooth. Right now the code compiles but I have not attached the bluetooth module yet so I do not know if it works. That is one of the projects for next week.

Finally this week I did some research into how to waterproof temperature sensors and the charge and discharge rates of Lipo batteries. No week is complete without a little bit of miscellaneous research.