Weekly Update 11-9-16 to 11-21-16

Due to scheduling reasons and the thanksgiving break I am doing a strange week and half weekly update.

I began this week by testing the current draw between the new and old gyro. The new gyro pulled a little more than half the current of the old one. So on a power consumption basis the new gyro is a big win.

Next I decided which uSD slot to use. To do this I put uSD cards into each of the slots. I then tested to see how hard it was to pull the SD out. Next I through the slots on the ground and against the wall. This is a rather crude test but did give me insight into how tightly the slots held on the card. I was ultimately able to make a decision and incorporate the new slot into the designs for the new sharkduino.

I then tested the charging circuit on arduino V1 Layer 2. I had not been able to get the LED to light up properly during the summer when I built these. Now I went back and tried again and was able to get the LED on properly, it turns out I had the surface mount LED backwards.

Finally this week I finished the designs for the Sharkduino V2. I have sent it off to be printed and will give more details about it in the coming weeks. For now know it has an all new form factor, the new gyro, the new RTC, and a new uSD slot. In addition to ordering the boards I also ordered solder stencils for this design. This should hopefully make assembly much faster and less error prone.