Weekly Update 3-27-17 to 4-3-17

I have a lot going on this week, and did not do super interesting work on the project last week, so this will be a very short post.

First I finished up placing the orders for the Sharkduino V2.2. Everything is on it’s way and I will probably start assembling Sharkduino’s in the next week or two. Next I did more research on how to handle our LiPo charging. I’ve been looking at power path circuit chargers and right now I’m a little confused about what I want to do. Once I understand what I’m looking at and what I want a little bit better I will post more about this. Finally I began work on my honors research midterm report. This is the first step toward writing my honors thesis, so that is very exciting. I will make sure to post the final report on this blog once it’s done.