Weekly Update 4-3-17 to 4-9-17

I did a lot of work on the project over the last week, but not tons that will be very interesting to write about.

First off all the parts for the Sharkduino V2.2s came in. I invented everything and started assembly. Since I need to build so many of these I am experimenting with more batch assembly. The problem is even though making more than one board at a time decreases the time per board, it still increases the total time I spend working on them. This makes it harder to fit board assembly into my schedule. I am still doing some things that have really speed up board assembly. The first is that I have been soldering the uSD card onto the boards on different days then I do the rest of the components. This both splits up the assembly time, and gives the oven more time to cool, which gives a more regular heating curve and better solder joints. Also I am getting better at using the solder stencil, that combined with the new steel solder stencil is helping a lot. Finally the Sharkduino V2.2s just have fewer components on them because they don’t have the charging circuit, and perhaps more importantly it has fewer different components. I have found that switching between placing components has a much larger impact on the assembly time then just the raw number of components on board.

A Sharkduino V2.2

A Sharkduino V2.2

In addition to the Sharkduino V2.2 work we had a phone call with an engineer at NASA. We talked about IMUs and analysis techniques. We learned a lot of great information that will really help to move the project forward.

Finally I am still working on my midterm report which is due near the end of the semester.