Weekly Update 9-09-17 to 9-15-17

I spent almost all my time this week introducing new people to the project. It looks like we are getting three new members of the team, and it’s very exciting!

I may introduce the new members on this blog later if they want, but right now everyone is focusing on getting them up to speed so they can start doing great work.

On the more technical side I kept working on the MOSET polarity protection circuity. I attached it to the breadboard Sharkduino and checked everything out it. It looks good and feel ready to incorporate the MOSFET onto a Sharkduino board.

Finally I kept working on finding a way to charge the LiPo while it was connected to the Sharkduino. This time I used one of Ben’s sketches to put the Sharkduino into a low power. Hopefully it draws so little current that the battery won’t notice the load, and charge normally. An Arduino running a blank sketch draws 3.70ma, this code gets it down to drawing 0.36mA. This might be low enough that the charging will work, but I’m not sure yet.

Charging batteries

Charging batteries