Weekly Update 9-16-17 to 9-22-17

I mainly worked on two things this week. The first was finding some academic articles relating to my research. I had to do this for the class part of honors research. I actually found two in particular that are pretty cool.

The first is about the effects of attaching tags to small sharks on the sharks behavior. The researchers attached GCDC tags to lemon sharks in a tank, and compared how sharks with and without a tag behave. They concluded that they have to look at more than just the mass of the tag to determine if it will change the animals behavior.

The second is about using magnetometers to look at animal movement, as opposed to just using them to help with dead reckoning. They are sort of using a magnetometer with an accelerometer to try to answer some of the same questions we are trying to answer with the gyroscope.

Another charging test

Another charging test

I also spent a lot of time working on the battery charging. This time I used a sketch to put the Arduino into a low power state, then plugged it directly into a battery charger and a battery. This sketch brought the current draw of the Arduino down to 0.3mA. It turns out that this is low enough that the battery can charge normally while the Arduino is attached! This means that I will probably not need to make a load sharing circuit. I have a few tests using off the shelf components and sharkduinos and everything seems to be working well. The next step is to create my own board for the charging circuitry. That way it can test that it works well on it’s own.