Weekly Update 9-23-17 to 9-29-17

This past week I did a few final tests on the LiPo charging hack, and then I got to work designing my own board. It’s almost done, and you can take a look at it on GitHub. Part of doing this was choosing an LED to use. I’d had a little trouble with LED selection in the past, so I reached out to Sparkfun and asked what LED they used with this chip. They very graciously responded, and gave me the part number, which was a big help. In addition to finding a new LED, I also had to look for a new microUSB slot. Our old one would fall of the board, so I am moving to a through hole soldered connector instead of surface mount. Hopefully that will make everything a little bit more stable.

I also did a lot of more administrative work this week. I reorganized part of our google drive and changed around how some of our data is stored. This sort of thing does not lead to exciting weekly updates, but is important for the health of the project.

Finally I worked with some of the new team members to get them up and running. We’re going to see some great work out of them in the coming weeks!