Back for the fall

The fall semester has started back up, and that means it’s time for more sharkduino. I will be doing about ten hours of work a week on the project, which means the weekly updates are back! I have not yet decided which day I want to write them though, so be prepared for a few weeks that seem longer or shorter than normal. I’m looking forward to another great semester of research, and I hope you all stick with me.

Summer Break

Hi all, the REU is over and I’m going to take a break from working on the project for a few weeks until the fall semester starts up. Thank you all for staying with me and tolerating my long rambling blog posts. In the words of Blaise Pascal, “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.”

PS. Try typing into a web browser some time

Back for the summer

I’m back for the summer and working on the project as part of the William & Mary REU program. This is an exciting summer and I have a lot of cool things planned for the project so make sure to check here regularly to hear about them. The weekly updates will continue and are most likely going to be posted on Mondays.

A Short Break

The semester is coming to a close, but the summer research has not yet begun. This means that I am taking a short break from doing serious work on this project. I will continue to do some small stuff, but nothing worth writing a blog post about. So there will be no more weekly updates until the begining of June when serious work on this project resumes. I am excited to work on this project full time for the summer, and will talk to you all again then.

The Plan

The plan for this blog is to post weekly or bi-weekly updates on the progress made on my arduino animal tag research project. The purpose of this is to allow people to follow along with my research and to get a feeling for what it is like to work on a project of this nature. Additionally this blog will serve as archive of the trials and tribulations I went through during this project.

There is a problem with this plan, and it is that I have been working on this project for nearly nine months now. Since many things have happened during that time that I think are important to document, and for others to gain an understanding of this project. I will try to post a history of the project up to this point during the coming weeks.

I will also try to post short summaries or explanations of the science behind what I am doing. This is mostly to force myself to develop a deeper understanding of the system I am creating, since I have found it is very easy in this project to get things to work without any understanding of how or why they work. This lack of knowledge is something I want to overcome and I am hoping that by committing myself to write these blog posts about I will be able to muster the needed motivation. Additionally these posts can provided explanations for why I made some of the choices I did. These short explanations will mostly revolve around the electronics side of this project, some examples of what I may do are explanations of how real time clocks work, or what the I2C protocol is. As time goes on I may even dive into some of the marine science this animal tag will help study.

Finally I think it is important to put a brief disclaimer here at the beginning of this blog, and that is that I am not a marine biologist or an electrical engineer. I am a physics. I have not taken a biology class since high school and I am currently enrolled in my first analogue electronics class. I am self taught for nearly every skill I need in this project so please bare with me if my terminology is a bit off or if I am making ameture mistakes. This project is still very much about learning for me, in addition to the stated goal of creating a deployable underwater sensor system.